The “Person” Way

Founded by a CEO who transformed his 300-person business into one of the most inclusive and celebrated work cultures in the country, Person is here to help every company engage with and motivate every employee. The secret is creating a new kind of dialog with your workforce, one that’s candid, caring and collaborative from the start. Welcome to the world of Person, where inclusion is for everyone.


At Person, we believe the employee relationship begins long before an offer is made or accepted. That’s why we review your hiring processes and help you establish what we call Inclusion From the Start.


Top performers need to know where they stand and where they’re going. At Person, we help supervisors make the transition From Boss to Coach, shifting their roles from just managing employees to developing them.


Only 3 in 10 employees feel heard at work. Person addresses this issue head-on with listening courses for managers, and a text-based feedback tool that assures leadership can hear everyone.


A root cause analysis is a strategic method Person applies towards identifying the matter at the heart of why you brought Person in and to ultimately understand causation.

A theory of change is a high level vision for what you’re company will look like post theory of action implementation. Theory of action is a defined path towards success.

Implementation science allows Person to implement best practices for achieving your goals set out in your plan of action with precision accuracy.

The best way to cultivate a system of continuous improvement is to empower individuals to be a part of the solution so at Person we have real-time solutions for employees.