We’re ready to meet you where you are.

Any company can talk the talk of inclusion, but committing to action is altogether different. Person is here to help you take an honest, unflinching look at where you are today, so that you can identify areas of opportunity, and track progress over time. Reviewing statistics related to your Hiring, Development and Listening practices, Person will help you establish realistic goals and timelines, and help implement procedures to get you there.


In addition to your hiring process itself, Person will benchmark important figures including: time to hire, percentages of minority and female candidates, candidate conversions to hire, and average cost to hire.

We’ll take stock of your development track by charting the career paths of various groups within your company. We’ll also benchmark your current average times to promotion, and compensation levels across cohorts.


We’ll quantify your company’s current level of employee engagement across gender, race and tenure by analyzing all current data, and, where necessary, implementing simple, ongoing feedback platforms.